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It was originally founded in England during the mid-seventeenth century by an entrepreneurial man named Jonathan Yardley who had obtained a royal warrant for the supply of lavender soap to all the City of London.  This original version of Yardley was lost in the great fire of London in 1666, but in the 1770's the Yardley of London we now know was established by the Cleaver family.  Through astute business sense and a convenient marriage, the business was back in the hands of the Yardley family by the early 1800's and since then the company has gradually but steadily thrived, expanded and prospered.  A succession of Royal Warrants, innovations, and new lavender products were a testament to the popularity of this quintessential English fragrance. 

Now owned by the Lornamead Group, Yardley currently is the holder of two Royal Warrants and prides itself on its wide range of beautiful, quality floral fragrances and complementary body products, the majority of which (90%) continue to be manufactured in the UK.  They continue to create exquisite luxury items for discerning customers around the world and carry on a tradition and lineage unmatched by any other perfumery firm.   

2 Products

Yardley of London April Violets Eau de Toilette Spray


50ml (1.7 fl. oz)

An improved beautiful and elegant classic fragrance!


Yardley of London April Violets Luxury Soap
3 x 100g (3 x 3.5 oz)

With the elegant April Violets fragrance!



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