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Dresdner Essenz Sunset Serenity (Rosewood) Bath Essence
60g (2.1 oz.)

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Dresdner Essenz Provence (Lavender) Bath Essence


60g (2.1 oz.),  $3.50

Country of Origin:  Germany

Soothing Lavender fragrance!

Dresdner Essenz Provence Bath Essence has the soothing scent of Lavender that makes you feel like you are in the heart of a lavender field in full bloom.  Formulated with Lavender Oil, Cypress Leaf Oil, Bergamot Oil, Orange Oil and Rosemary Leaf extract, you sense the balsamic scent of Lavender, Cypress trees and fruity Bergamot on the summer air.  An intensive skin care complex using Sea Salt, Sunflower Oil and Panthenol produces a gentle, nourishing foam that noticably pampers the skin and keeps it from drying out.  It contains no PEG emulsifiers, no paraffins, no mineral oils and no sillcone oils.  Each 60g sachet is good for one bath.  

About Dresdner Essenz:

Li-iL Werke, the makers of Dresdner Essenz herbal baths, was founded in Dresden, Germany in 1910.  Guided by the principles of aromatherapy through over 90 years of experience and scientific study, they have worked to develop and continually improve the beneficial, nourishing and effective luxury herbal bath products which they proudly offer today.  Dresdner Essenz - the ultimate health and well-being bath experience!

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Dresdner Essenz Provence (Lavender) Bath Essence
60g (2.1 oz.),  $3.50

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