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Kneipp Herbal Bath Collection "Bath Time RX"

10 x 20ml (0.66 oz),  $44.95

Country of Origin:  Germany

Herbal bath assortment!

The benefits of a warm bath have been known since ancient times.  Kneipp herbal baths, with a high concentration of plant essential oils, help to naturally restore and maintain your well-being. Highly concentrated oils interact with the soothing powers of water to benefit both body and mind. 

This assortment of 10 baths will enhance your true well-being in every situation and mood.  Packed in a special Bath Time RX gift box, this set includes travel-size bottles (enough for 2 baths) of the following selections from Kneipp's herbal bath assortment: 

Sweet Dreams - Valerian & Hops (relaxation and sound sleep) x 1, Cold & Sinus Relief  - Eucalyptus (sinus relief) x 1, Muscle Soothing - Juniper (muscle soothing) x 1, Pure Bliss - Red Poppy & Hemp (relaxes body & soul) x 1, Balancing - Lavender (combats fatigue) x 1, Stress-Free - Mandarin & Orange (eases daily tensions) x 1, Enjoy Life - May Chang & Lemon (lifts spirits) x 1, Warmth & Energy - Spruce & Pine (warms & revitalizes) x 1, and Arnica Joint & Muscle Rescue (muscle relief) x 2.

All Kneipp herbal baths have been dermatologically tested and contain no preservatives or parabens, no paraffin, no silicone, and no mineral oils. 

About Kneipp:

In 1891, Kneipp-Werke was founded in Würzburg, Germany by Father Sebastian Kneipp, a famous naturopath and priest, and Leonhard Oberhauser, a local pharmacist.  For over 100 years, the company has used its botanical knowledge and pharmaceutical experience as the basis for the development and continued improvement of its body care products, skin care products, food supplements and pharmaceuticals.  By using constantly evolving state-of-the-art production techniques and equipment, and conducting continuous clinical and scientific studies, Kneipp has earned a reputation for innovative natural products and high quality that has been proven for many generations.    

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Kneipp Herbal Bath Collection "Bath Time RX"
10 x 20ml (0.66 oz),  $44.95

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